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4 Reasons To Love Your Event Manager

BY: Tammy McGlade     Mar 2, 2016 9:46:18 AM


Let me guess, you are the sole event manager that somehow pulls together all the events for your organization. There is never enough time to finish everything on your list of to-dos and then you are expected to do even more. Yup, such is the life of an event manager. All the work and never the glory. It's high time we change that notion and get some glory and gratification for you, the best event manager out there. 

Don't be afraid to share and like this post and pass it around the office so that all your colleagues and friends and even frenemies can bask in the glory that is you. 

They Deal With Ship All Day Long

That's right. All day long without fail, event managers have to handle the tough situations that arise. Just when you think everything is going right, BOOM it all falls apart. Who is there to fix and clean up the mess? Whose fault is it that everything went wrong, why of course the event managers. Is it really their fault...NO! So, when you think you have it bad, just remember that no matter what the event manager does, it’s always their fault. 

"No" is the Loneliest Word

Multiple times a day, an event manager has to use the word "No." In fact, sometimes they even have to shout it a few times to get the point across. Give them a break. They are constantly bombarded with requests and "oh please use our services" from various vendors and teammates. "No" has to be said because in the end, they know what’s best for the upcoming event. Saying no automatically makes that person a Ship Head and ostracized them from the group. It's like being the only kid not allowed to play in the sandbox even though they have all the toys. 

Darn Tootin' Long Ship Donkey Days

Yea...that's right I said it. Check the life of any event manager before you wallow in your own self-pity. You stayed 30 minutes late...Whoopee! They spend hours upon hours late every day and when it’s almost event time, look out! There just isn't enough time in the day for them. It doesn't turn off at work either. Just because you catch a glimpse of that event manager enjoying a glass of wine on Facebook, trust me when I say they are still thinking about work. It's a tough position to turn your mind off and they have every reason to be stressed.

Frazzle Dazzle

All that stress can’t stay hidden forever. If you see your event manager running around with their game face on...there is probably a good reason. Oh, stay clear for a bit because that issue that just came up needs to be resolved now otherwise those awesome new giveaways at the booth for your event tomorrow might not arrive on time. Ship That! Looks like that event manager might be looking for a new shipping vendor. Add that to the long list of to-dos. 

Well, there you have it. These are just 4 of the many many reasons you should love your event manager. Without them, your exhibit booth or event would not...well it wouldn't happen at all. There would be a lonely group of sales people huddled around a cold concrete slab in an convention center. 

Let's all take a moment to thank our exhibit managers for all that they do. #exhibitionsmeanbusiness and they do. Face-to-face meetings and events are upwards of $40 billion dollar industry and many companies reap those rewards. So I urge and implore you to thank you event manager. In fact, after the event, buy them a nice bottle of wine for all their hard work. 

You are hearing it here for the first time. Let's make March 15th national event managers day to celebrate all that they do. Bask in all your glory event managers. You deserve that Darn Tootin' Shipping Day!


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