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5 Things to Know About Passports Before Traveling Internationally

BY: Jenn Adams     Oct 29, 2015 8:54:00 AM

Envision this:  You have everything set up for your company to ship internationally into your conference or tradeshow and the last thing on your mind is your passport.  You have less than 2 months before you fly to your show destination.  Do you have a passport?  If so, is it up to date? 

We had a client still waiting for his passport 2 days prior to his flight to Canada.  He was on pins and needles waiting to even see if he was going to make the show!  Don’t let this happen to you.  Below are some informative facts and tips that will hopefully ease your pain and suffering of the unknown. 

You’ll have everything lined up for a perfect flight into your show without any delay as long as you know all of these tips. 

1. How much does it cost: $135 for a passport, $110 for a renewal, $105 for a minor (under 16), $55 for a passport card (for entering the United States through land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry -- not for international travel via air).

2. How long does it last: 10 years (kids passports expire in five years)

3. Where to apply: Many post offices and libraries; see a list at

4. How long does it take: Four to six weeks

5. In a hurry?: The State Department offers expedited service for an extra $60 per document; the wait time for an expedited passport is two to three weeks.  (But always remember, there’s many reasons for delays and it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute.)

I recommend the moment you find that you have an International show coming up for the year, go ahead and have that passport ready.  Even if you are not led to go to the show, if there’s an off chance you could be sent as a last minute backup, be prepared for those unexpected bumps in the road!

Oh!  And don’t even start to think you’ll get any reward for most photogenic with your passport photo.  It just doesn’t happen!  This isn’t Glamor Shots!

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