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Are You Losing Money...3 Key Thoughts to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Vendor

BY: Tammy McGlade     Feb 23, 2016 10:53:32 AM


Your Time, Customer Service, Customer Experience

The century’s old battle between value and cheap goods and services still plays a major role in today's economy. Do you spend half the amount for cheap goods only to need a replacement a few months down the line? Do you invest the money upfront on a valuable piece that will last you years? Same goes for services as well. Spend little to nothing on a service to receive awful customer service, an even worse customer experience, then get nickel and dimed for additional add ons that increase the final costs. The flipside, invest more upfront to receive true service and a great customer experience.

It is a tough decision to choose between Value and Cheap, but the decision should always be Value. 

To be honest, it truly is a shame that many individuals choose the cheap route only to be hassled and disgruntled down the line. Do you not realize the true value of YOUR time & personal mojo?

If you want to break it down by simple numbers, figure out your hourly wage and ask yourself was the hassle of being on the phone with a nonchalant not a care in the world customer service agent worth your time. How about having to drive to the mall again only to buy the same article of clothing. Wait, not done yet. Now that you are at the mall let’s be honest with ourselves here. You are going to spend even more money. See, cheap is a trap. It’s a way to lure you in and keep you coming back for more in less and less time.

Ok, ok, ok... that might have been a bit much, but people… we need to wake up. Don’t be lured in by cheap prices. In the end the cheap route is going to cost you more money and time then the valuable higher priced option you tossed to the side. Stop, take a deep breath and make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

In the event shipping industry, there are huge benefits to selecting value over cheap. If your event shipping vendor isn't making life easier for you, providing a great customer experience, and are not there for you in the instance an issue arises, they probably shouldn't be your event shipping vendor. Shipping your valuable event material for the cheapest price should not be the way you select your vendor.

Let’s talk costs. What is the price of the goods you are shipping? What is the value of your time? What is the value of your events team time? All of this should be calculated into your decision.

Time is the most precious commodity on earth. Everyone wants more of it and there isn't enough to go around.

There you are. Next time you are selecting a vendor, make sure to account for your time, customer service, and customer experience.

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