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Jenn Adams

Jenn is our Event Logistics Specialist and Business Development Manager here at NorthStar. Her main focus is to provide high-quality assistance to our clients and manage the creative development and execution of event marketing strategies. In her free time, Jenn enjoys living life on the edge and traveling. From sky diving to exploring parts of Australia, London, Rome and Paris, Jenn loves seeking adventure. Since living in the DC area, she's had the honor to meet President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and Dr Biden. Out of these all of these amazing opportunities, however, being a mom to her two beautiful children is the highlight of her existence.

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5 Things to Know About Passports Before Traveling Internationally

BY: Jenn Adams     Oct 29, 2015 8:54:00 AM

Envision this:  You have everything set up for your company to ship internationally into your conference or tradeshow and the last thing on your mind is your passport.  You have less than 2 months before you fly to your show destination.  Do you have a passport?  If so, is it up to date? 

We had a client still waiting for his passport 2 days prior to his flight to Canada.  He was on pins and needles waiting to even see if he was going to make the show!  Don’t let this happen to you.  Below are some informative facts and tips that will hopefully ease your pain and suffering of the unknown. 

You’ll have everything lined up for a perfect flight into your show without any delay as long as you know all of these tips. 

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NorthStar Express vs. Common Carriers

BY: Jenn Adams     Jan 22, 2015 11:23:00 AM

It’s the final game of the regular season and this is your first year coaching a team that started out unranked at the beginning of the season and has climbed to #2 in the Nation.  It’s the 4th quarter, your team is down by 4 points, ball is on the 40 yrd line, 4th down, and 10 seconds on the clock. It’s do or die.

To win this game against your biggest rival, move on to a bowl game, and a chance to play for the National Championship, you need your team to score a touchdown.   Now, do you send in your Heisman-contending QB, and your record breaking RB to score the 6 pts with a Hook and Lateral, or do you send in your 2nd string rookies? Of course you send in the Pros!   When you want to move that ball into the Endzone, you won’t get a rookie when NorthStar is the team player! You go with the guys that are...


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