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Planning to fail with your 2015 Event Schedule?

BY: Rex Houlihan     Feb 5, 2015 11:17:00 AM

Planning to Fail with your 2015 Event Schedule?

Creating an event schedule for you company can be a fun filled exercise. It’s like creating a travel itinerary for a round the world adventure. The energy created by the dreaming and scheming makes it sexy for many.


In Doug Eby’s exciting new novel, Blood Herring, the protagonist, Christian Roos places an enormous bet on his ability to successfully romp around the globe in 25 days. Like you & your event schedule, Christian has his itinerary clearly defined…in writing…what could go wrong??

Everything could go wrong!!! Don’t look under your bed or open that closet…serendipity resides there as does Ms. Murphy.

Planning your event schedule is just like grabbing your passport and confirming it is still valid. It is just the beginning…

Plan with a purpose. Start by creating your overall event plan.

Why are you exhibiting?

How will your measure the success of each event?

What events will you work?

What display material will you need?

Who will attend the events?

How will the participants be trained?

Who will make the travel and hotel plans?

Who will execute the marketing outreach before, during, and after each event?

If a selling event, who will follow up on the leads? For real??

Jiminy crickets…who will you entrust to ship your precious material around the globe?

Easy peasey. Your event engine is now roaring and you cruise through the first quarter with nary a bump & then “IT” happens. You encounter turbulence at 36000 feet….

The updated graphics do not make it out of production for your first major event in Q2.

Your primary industry target just had a newborn and will not be attending the event.

Your star tradeshow person accepted a new position.

The truck with your precious cargo is stuck in an ice storm.

The customs agent’s favorite soccer team just lost and look whose trade show material gets delayed?

KAPOW! The laptop with your presentation for 2000 just got fried and your back up thumb drive was borrowed by your five year old to save a love note to you.

Influence what you can, control what you think you must but stuff out of your control happens.

Contingency planning is a must. Create the plan to accommodate those darling little moments. Embrace the wee nuggets of misery. Your overall event plan needs to be stronger and more flexible than that plan of yesteryear that was energetically created and promptly placed in a dark drawer. Lastly, as you prepare for the downside, allow a little sunshine in as well.…celebrate those little victories along the way.

Get started! Throw that closet door wide open and laugh as you look under the bed! Stuff will happen! Enjoy the journey.

If your event program is as wildly entertaining as Christian Roos’ adventures in Blood Herring you are in for a treat in 2015.


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