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Ship! Not Again...

BY: Tammy McGlade     Feb 16, 2016 1:57:00 PM

Picture this. You're standing there in the exhibit hall twirling your pen, playing on your phone's screen, and rapidly tapping your foot on the ground. Ear buds in listening to the new Taylor Swift song. Sounds like a typical experience at every event you ship your freight. "It's ok," you say to yourself, "this is normal. This is how it is for everyone, right?" 

Finally, your freight arrives and a small smile stretches across your face. You are ecstatic to begin setting up your ad display. Enter the ton of bricks falling from sky above. There it is, mangled and shattered just like your hopes and dreams. Unusable and unsalvageable freight. "Ship! Shippy! Ship," you yell. Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me. 
I wish I could pat you on the back and say it's ok but...wait I can tell you that. Here's why. Let's all wake up and smell the delicious nectar of the of course. That crappy experience you go through at every event, wasting your precious valuable time can easily be rectified. Its called, switch vendors. Don't switch to just any event shipping vendor. Do your research and find one that is diligent about being on time. One that handles your freight as if it were their own new born child. One that that centers its business around the customer experience, your experience, and happens to be really good at shipping to events. 
Now, if you cant find that in your Google searches that's ok...well not really because it means we're not marketing ourselves correctly. Bingo! Eureka! Light bulbs a shining. We are the very event shipping company you are searching for. Our business is all about you and your experience. Our job is to make sure you have the best most peaceful shipping experience ever. 
So go on Shake it Off as you listen to Taylor, but this time listen as you are setting up your ad display because your freight arrived on time and in one piece. "Thanks NorthStar," you say. No problem Mrs/Mr Event Organizer. We've got you covered. 



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