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Additional Services


NorthStar Express offers short term & long term storage options coast to coast.

Keep your tradeshow exhibit materials in a central location for easier shipping. NorthStar has a variety of storage solutions to fit your  needs. For our Canadian customers it is often easier & more cost effective to store your materials in the US for up to one year.  It will  minimize customs clearance & shipping charges.


We believe one of our greatest services we can provide is the knowledge base gained from over two decades of tradeshow and event shipping. We understand many individuals are not comfortable with the tradeshow process and are not familiar with the industry terms. We take pride in helping out first timers build a successful program from the ground up.


When shipping your materials internationally, the materials will have to be cleared through 
Customs using a customs broker.
You may choose to use your designated customs broker or NorthStar can provide a customs broker for your materials on the outbound as well as your return shipment.


As you may have gathered from our approach, we're dedicated to providing a wide variety of freight services for every situation. We know the best way to arrive at a cost effective system is to weigh all aspects of your Pick up and Delivery needs. During this evaluation, you'll likely find a standard approach just won't do, and that a customized solution is what you require.

NorthStar Express Freight offers the following additional freight services to address your needs:

  • Special pick up or delivery for a specific designated time 24/7
  • Lift gate when a loading dock is not available
  • Pallet jack to move your heavy materials onto and off the truck
  • Hand truck, dolly, and extra men to facilitate the movement of your material
  • Shrink wrap and palletizing of your materials
  • Inside pickup or delivery to one room or several rooms within a designated building
  • Weekend, holiday, university, hospital, military base, secure building, and residential pickup or delivery
  • Short term and long term storage
  • Optional cargo coverage to cover you in case of the unexpected
  • advanced show schedule services. Share your schedule with us now! Share My Schedule With NorthStar