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What is a House Bill or Bill of Lading for Trade Show Shipping?

BY: NorthStar     Jun 7, 2019 12:34:24 PM

A written document used by a freight carrier acknowledging the receipt of the goods named and setting forth the terms of the contract of carriage.

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What does Advance Shipment Deadline Date mean for Trade Show Shipping?

BY: NorthStar     Jun 6, 2019 2:27:51 PM

The last date freight should arrive at the warehouse to avoid any late charge. This is usually one week prior to the exhibitor move in date at show site.

Topics: Tradeshow Shipping Glossary

3 Reasons To Break Up with FedEx and UPS for Your Trade Show Shipping

BY: Rex Houlihan     Jun 3, 2019 6:29:34 AM

As a logistics provider for tradeshows and events we occasionally use FedEx or UPS to transport small items both domestically and internationally.  They do a fine job under the right circumstances. 

However, there are times in the tradeshow process when it is advantageous to “break up” with them and go with a group of people who know the tradeshow shipping world like the back of their hand.

Here are three reasons why you should consider breaking up with FedEx or UPS and pursue a relationship with a Tradeshow Shipping Agency for your next event: 

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