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6. Now Work It

BY: Julia Kauffman     Jun 29, 2016 1:02:02 PM
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Welcome to the sixth step in Exhibiting 101! We're breaking down the important steps of planning for trade shows, conferences, and events so you know where to go and what to do along the way.

Once you're exhibiting at the show, reminder yourself and your team to keep going each day of the show and to bring something new to the table. New ideas should all focus on the goal of interacting with more prospects in a personal way

Here are some ideas:

1. Have a daily huddle to review the personal schedule, pre-set meetings, and goals.

- What did and didn't work in the previous day? What can teammates do to keep up the good and change the bad?

2. Work your game plan with interviews, giveaways, and meeting to enhance your presence

- This will bring your company attention at the show and switch up your typical routine so you have fun too! Dare to be different in the trade show industry in order to stand out and meet more potential leads.

3. If you have giveaways/goody bags, be sure to only set out a few at a time to avoid the infamous "non-qualified goody-scooper"

- You can give away pens, Chap Stick, or other every day items with your company's colors and/or logo on them. Feel free to add candy or other goodies to attract or thank leads. However, tread carefully: People may walk up just to grab free items and then walk away. Avoid, "grab the candy and run!" and try for, "thank you for listening to our presentation, here is a gift to say thanks."

These tips are for you to keep the mojo going through out the entire show. Each day is just as important as the one before. So come with your coffee, ready to work it each morning. Remember to check out our info graphic, Exhibiting 101, to see the big picture of each step to success!


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