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Going Green in the Tradeshow and Event Industry!

Posted by Rachel Baker on Apr 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM
Rachel Baker
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Did you know that the Tradeshow Industry is the second largest waste producing industry, right behind construction?! Guilty as charged, the tradeshow industry is seen as a huge offender of waste creation and exhibiting non-environmentally friendly atmospheres. In fact, over 600,000 tons of waste is created each year in the tradeshow industry! However, with a change of heart and color, the industry is shifting its infamous reputation!

 Get hip to the trend (and color) – we’re going green!

 According to an article by exhibitcitynews.com, a survey done in 2013 reported that nearly 90% of exhibitors said they would be willing to go green if their costs and performance were not negatively impacted.

 Why do it though? Are there any benefits for your company? Should you really take on implementing a whole new program within your company?

 The answer is YES! Not only can your marketing team go content crazy with this, it’s more likely you’ll gain leads simply by implementing a recycling program into your company and tradeshows! Furthermore, using a recycling program can help to increase the monetary value of the company.

 BUT before your claim to recycling fame, make sure your program is actionable. Be sure that your recycling program is intact before you claim that your team is eco-friendly and therefore the environmentally friendly option! Many consumers in today’s market will choose to go with the company that is “green”, simply because they feel like they’re doing their part!

Luckily, recycling makes it pretty easy to do just that!

While there is a common misconception that recycling is as simple as putting a green bin next to your trashcan, that’s not entirely true! If you – or your company – are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, there are many ways to do so!

In fact, the recycling creativity is endless!

It shouldn’t be troublesome, because surprisingly enough, recycling can often make your life easier, especially on the tradeshow floor!

We think saving money should be a no brainer and costs can be dramatically reduced simply by “going green.” Here’s a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Renting instead of one time buying

  • Most parts of a basic booth structure can be reused many times. Metal or plastic framing is designed to withstand the bumps and turbulence of a tradeshow. Instead of buying a new one for each event, reuse the last one! Imagine taking an old show booth cube or stand and reconfiguring it to fit your next show! The possibilities are endless.

Go digital!

  • Sorry to break it to ya but if you haven’t already, it’s time to get with the times. Using projectors, TVs, and monitors can not only reduce waste but it’s also a huge money saver! This means a win-win for everyone! Instead of printing a banner for a display for every individual show or event, use a monitor to display a different logo, banner, or infographic for each show! This means more personalization, too. Imagine instead of simply putting a sign or image on a booth wall, put your logo and a slideshow of images on a monitor. Their exhibiting experience can be easily enhanced with that added bonus for potential customers! Hire yourself a great graphic design artist and you’ll be way ahead of the game all while saving the earth!

Be creative!

  • There is no one great way to help save the earth; but that doesn’t mean we all don’t want to! This means the possibilities in recycling ingenuity are endless! Get a team together and figure out what your company already does to help the earth during tradeshows and events. Using a team can help you to come up with some fresh and innovative ways of recycling that are unique and specific to your company!

Use energy efficient light bulbs, fixtures, etc.

  • Depending on your booth set up, try to incorporate more natural lighting, or use energy efficient bulbs. Be sure to use effective and renewable energy instead of fossil fuels wherever you can! Envision using one light and bouncing light around your booth using mirrors. Remember, the creativity is infinite!

Use recycled paper, bags, etc. in your giveaways

  • The most famous part of tradeshows is all the goodies you collect while walking from booth to booth, but all those white papers are also the largest source of waste after a show is over. While handing those out to your potential leads, be sure to print on recycled paper, use recycled goodie bags, and let your leads know that the goodies they are getting are recycled! Show them your company is doing your part in helping to save the earth and ask if they would join you by recycling their whitepapers and other items they may not want to keep.

Use recycling bins in your booth

  • Place small bins near the front of your booth. Label them for plastics, bottles, cans, and paper. As exhibitors are walking around, you can give them the opportunity to conveniently recycle rather than toss it in a trashcan. This not only helps, but it creates a great campaign to show off your company’s true green thumb and maybe gain a lead or two in the process!

Shipping show to show

  • There is a huge cut in cost and emissions by shipping show to show rather than show back to office then out to another show. Save the gas, shipping materials, time, and some money in this proactive way to go green!
Recycling is not just about generating leads, a good marketing campaign, or saving money. Remember the big picture here: saving the earth we all live on! Do your part by implementing some of these ideas into your next show and see just how easy it can be to create your own recycling program!

In 2004, the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) was formed with the intent of moving towards a greener world in the events and meetings industry. The GMIC was created under the Convention Industry Council (CIC). Check out their website here for more information and resources on creating a greener booth, show, and world!

So how are you helping to reduce your carbon footprint at your next show?

Send us your creative initiatives & hashtag #northstargoesgreen next time you Go Green!


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