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2. Individual Show Planning

Posted by Kat St. George on Jun 23, 2016 9:46:19 AM
Kat St. George

Welcome to the second step of many in Exhibiting 101! We're breaking down the important steps in planning for trade shows, conferences, and events so you know where to go and what to do along the way.

Once you've finished planning for your event it is important to set goals and be ambitious! Layout expectations of what you want to get out of the event.

Here are a few steps to help you set strong and achievable goals for your event.

1. Ask yourself, Why are you going? To gain exposure for your company? Develop new leads? Check out the competition? If you're just going because you're boss is making you, that's okay too! But why does your boss want you to go?


2. Create a goals list. Now that you know why you're going, break that down into achievable, yet ambitious, goals you can accomplish while you are there.

For example:  "1. Generate new leads  2. Kick Butt at the presentation  3. Make the boss man happy"

But wait, those aren't specific enough. Instead, take goals like above and quantify them in order to make them measurable. 

  • Instead of just saying "generate new leads" say "get 15 new leads."
  • Instead of "kick butt at the presentation" say "kick butt at the presentation and gain 30 more followers."
  • And instead of "make the boss man happy" say "remain employed the entire 48+ hours of the event"

Catch my drift?


3.  Review the event schedule about 90 days prior with the entire event team. Reconfirm your goals and personnel schedules. Things can change and be adjusted as you get closer to the event. It's your job to keep everyone on track. 


4. Confirm that the display and event material is coordinated with your updated messaging. As stated in the 1st blog, it's important that you are conveying the message you want to attract prospects through your display and materials. Now everything looks beautiful, uniform, and helps you reach your goal!

5. Think about what will attract attendees to your booth and engage them. You can do more than just have a snazzy display. Think of ways to get attendees to interact. Is it a fun and hands-on game with your branding on it? Or an educational and entertaining video? You decide how to add the fun and engaging element to your exhibit. 



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