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The Trade Show Shipping Game

BY: Jenn Adams     Jun 2, 2017 11:00:00 AM

It’s the final game of the regular season and this is your first year coaching a team that started out unranked at the beginning of the season and has climbed to #2 in the Nation.  It’s the 4th quarter, your team is down by 4 points, ball is on the 40 yrd line, 4th down, and 10 seconds on the clock. It’s do or die.

To win this game against your biggest rival, move on to a bowl game, and a chance to play for the National Championship, you need your team to score a touchdown.   Now, do you send in your Heisman-contending QB, and your record breaking RB to score the 6 pts with a Hook and Lateral, or do you send in your 2nd string rookies? Of course you send in the Pros!   When you want to move that ball into the Endzone, you won’t get a rookie when NorthStar is the team player! You go with the guys that are supported by their team to be top ranked in the Nation.

trade show shipping game day help
Here at NorthStar, we play as a top ranked team to move your shipment into the “Endzone” for your exhibits, meetings, or trade shows and events.  No fumbling. No interceptions. Our “offensive” team works with perfect precision in getting your shipment on its way, in a timely manner that works best for you.   Whether you ship with a “Dink and dunk play” (Deferred Service 5 Business Days) or you need the shipment expedited with a “Hail Mary Pass” (2 Business Days or Next Day Service), we do it here at NorthStar. 

To play a game well and win, it’s all about timing and logistics.  If the Receiver is not in position at the specific time the QB throws the football, there’s a chance for an interception or incomplete pass.  The same concept is used here at NorthStar.  When you need your shipment picked up or delivered at a specific time that is outside the 9-4 or 12-5 window, we make it happen. Your shipment needs to get to the Convention Center at 4 pm, it will be there at 4 pm.  NorthStar “snaps the ball” (p/u & delivers when you say), avoiding “False Starts”, (picking up or delivering when it suits us best), which can sometimes put into a play for an “Interception” or “Fumble” (Shipment placed in the wrong hands, misplaced, or lost ) or an “Incomplete Pass” occurs (Failed pick up or delivery because no one was available to receive the agent.) Along with timing, comes training.  A football team doesn’t win games and get the order of the plays lined up correctly without training.   NorthStar does more than ship, we train and take great care of our customers. All new customers shipping with NorthStar go through a brief, 15 min training on order input and how to track your shipment in real time with WebTrack, forms needed for all shipments, and any other questions you may have about shipping.  Simply put, we cover all the ins and outs of shippingfrom “Kick Off to the Final Play”.

So, let us play in your next “Bowl Game” with our #1 Shipping Team.   We can make a bet we won’t be “Rookies”.  Go with the “Heisman” award winning team, NORTHSTAR EXPRESS.

Written By Guest Blogger,

Jenn Adams 


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