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Put a Label on It! Guide to Labeling Packages Correctly

BY: Teresa Nguyen     May 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM



Are you getting ready for a tradeshow or exhibit and realizing that you have no idea how to label your packages? After all the effort of packing everything up, you should not have to worry about something as easy as making a shipping label. It’s a simple, straightforward process that you can figure out in no time!

Here are some tips and tricks so you can label your tradeshow materials with confidence:

First step is figuring out which carrier you are going to use. It’s important to choose one that understands your tradeshow shipping needs! If you are using NorthStar your shipping label will look like this:


 NorthStar shipping label 


No matter which carrier you use, your shipping label should include:

  • Your name and address
  • Show Name
  • Decorator
  • Venue name and address
  • Exhibiting Company Name & Booth Number


If you are shipping multiple packages at once, make sure you create a new label for each individual package! If you are palletizing your shipments, make sure you label each piece before placing it on the pallet. This ensures that each package can be accounted for in case the pallet breaks.


It’s important to label the boxes that are half packed with a sticker that says “light,” that way the driver will know to put it on the top of the pallet so it won’t get damaged from heavier boxes. Likewise, if the package is heavy and cannot easily be lifted by one person, make note of that as well. If your package is fragile, make sure you label your package as such! Clearly and boldly write “FRAGILE” on all sides of your package.


When you have your labels printed, clearly place the labels on your packages by putting it in an adhesive clear plastic shipping pouch, attaching it with clear packing tape, or attaching it with a zip tie. To avoid confusion make sure that there are no other labels on your box, such as those from prior shipments. This is especially important when shipping direct from show to show.


For carpet rolls, new display cases, or canvas cases use extra care when affixing your labels, as those materials are not as adhesive. We recommend using zip ties with a plastic tag to attach the label to the handle. You can even take sandpaper and smooth down the surface on the case where you plan to stick your label. When it comes to new display cases, most stickers and tape will not adhere to it, so it is essential to check that the label will not come off! In our office we tested one of our display cases by putting a sticker on it and after two days of just sitting there, it completely fell off. So use some crazy glue and get that sticker stuck! That way, in the future, you can simply put any new shipping labels on top.


It is also important to plan for the worst! Be sure to include a shipping label with your business address and phone number on the inside of your shipment in case the shipping label on the outside falls off. This way it will be easier for the misplaced piece to be returned to the proper address and get your show back on schedule.


Lastly, don’t forget your outbound shipping! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of tradeshow planning; but in orde for your tradeshow materials to be returned, you must include a return shipping label.


Your return shipping label should include:

  • Your name
  • Show Site Address
  • Contact name
  • Address of where you want your materials to go (office, next show site, advanced warehouse, etc.)


That’s it! Simple, right? You now have one less thing to worry about when shipping to your next tradeshow. You can now ship your package without breaking a sweat!

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