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Convention and Tradeshow Planning

NorthStar Will Call You


Tradeshow planning is something that starts months before the actual event date. So why would you wait until the last minute to prepare shipping arrangements? Instead of putting off the shipping details until right before the show, contact NorthStar Express as soon as you know the show's details.

We'll place the schedule for your show into our Advanced Trade Show Planning software along with all other relevant information you provide. It's very much a "set it and forget it" situation...sometimes! Once the show is a month away, we'll contact you to set up the shipments. By taking this step in planning a tradeshow ahead of time, you cut back on the last minute rush and ensure nothing is overlooked.

What we need from you

Should you decide to use our advanced tradeshow planning services, we'll need a few things from you at the outset to properly input your details into our system. These items include:

The schedule for the upcoming quarter or year shows including
show name & location
Exhibitor Kit and your Booth Number, when available


If any information you provide upon initial contact changes before the show date, please contact us right away so we can keep your account up to date. We want to make sure there are no surprises come show time, so help us help you by keeping us in the loop.


Once your schedule is established we will need to get an update on pieces, weights, dimensions, and pick up location. Within weeks, you will have a reliable routine established to make your tradeshow shipping experiences easier.