Shipping FAQs

General Shipping Questions

How does NorthStar Express track my shipments?

A dedicated logistics team personally tracks each shipment online numerous times a day to get the latest status information. You can also check the status of your shipments on your Webtrak account.

What is the tracking number?

Also known as a work order number or housebill number, the tracking number serves as a quick reference for identifying a shipment.

Can NorthStar Express pick up & deliver on weekends & holidays?

Yes, we offer Saturday, Sunday and holiday service. International services may vary.

What documentation is required for international shipping?

A commercial invoice is required for every international shipment. There may be additional forms required based on the material that is being transported.

Freight Questions:

Do I need to label my freight?

All pieces must be labeled, even when on a pallet. Labels should include company name, address, piece count, contact name, and phone number. When appropriate, show name, show contractor and booth number should also be included.

What is dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight is the result of a formula that calculates weight based upon the dimensions of the piece. (e.g. a 30" x 36" x 40" carton weighing 55 lbs. would "dim out" to 222 lbs. if shipped domestically. The same carton shipped internationally would "dim out" to 260 lbs. A 30" x 36" x 40" carton weighing 300 lbs. would not be dimensionalized.) These are standard formulas used to determine the dimensional weight of a shipment. The formulas are: (Length x width x height)/194 Domestic Dimensional Weight (Length x width x height)/166 International Dimensional Weight You are billed actual or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

How much can I expect to pay for cargo coverage?

Cargo Coverage is $9.50 for every $1,000 of coverage with a $750 deductible. There is a $50.00 limit of liability for every shipment. Some items are restricted.

Can you crate or package materials?

NorthStar can arrange to have an experienced independent packing company assist with this task.

How much advance notice does NorthStar Express require in order to pick up a shipment?

For a standard pick-up NorthStar can be notified the morning of the pick-up in most areas. In an urgent situation, special pick-ups can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. *Find out more about packing your freight on our blog, here

Shipping to Shows:

How does NorthStar Express Freight get my shipment from point A to point B?

We typically utilize ground transportation, the major airlines, and local cartage agents whatever best suits your needs and budget.

Does NorthStar Express ship from show to show?

Yes, NorthStar can make hectic tradeshow schedules far easier by coordinating your show to show shipments.

What is a Material Handling Agreement and why do I need to complete it?

A Material Handling Agreement (MHA) is a legal document. This agreement between the show contractor and the exhibitor is completed at show site. This form is retrieved from the Service Desk and must be completed and turned into the Service Desk in order for your freight to be released to your carrier at the conclusion of the event.

Is it better to ship to the advanced warehouse or to the show-site?

It depends on your time frame & budget. Generally, it is preferable to ship to the advance warehouse so that your freight arrives on the show floor prior to your team's arrival.