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Our Approach to Shipping

Personalized Service


When putting together a trade show shipment, remembering all the details may make your head spin. That's why we want you to leave the details to us. Every NorthStar customer is assigned a Personal Account Manager to take care of everything for you from sending out reminders for submitting paperwork to guidance with using our online tool, WebTrak.

Every good business has a budget and we respect that by offering customized solutions to a variety of shipping situations. 

It doesn't matter if you're shipping domestically or internationally—you'll find our prices cost-effective, especially when weighed against our high quality of service.

Diverse services 


In addition to tradeshow shipping, we also handle storage, crating, packaging, customs clearance, and more. Every aspect of your shipment is in good hands from the moment it leaves your location to the moment it arrives at its destination.

NorthStar Express ships to & from any location—from conventions, tradeshows, exhibitions, outdoor marketing events, and road shows.  

We handle both domestic shipping and international shipping. Plus, we provide a customs broker for all international shipments (if you haven't selected one already). Our approach is such that we can offer high quality customer care, regardless of the logistical details.


We take our work seriously—nothing gives us greater joy than seeing an order arrive at its destination on time and in perfect condition. There's no need to put off working on your tradeshow shipping schedule any longer—our team is here and ready to help you!