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"Working with NorthStar has felt like I actually have a whole team working with me."

~ Molly, Manager of over 50 annual tradeshows

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Check out what some of our awesome customers have to say about their experience shipping with NorthStar Express!

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"Rex and Tammy are great! They always answer my questions immediately and go above and beyond to make working with NorthStar as simple as possible for me."

- Abbie H.




"I've been working with NorthStar so long. I have never had a problem with my show materials arriving on-time. In fact, NorthStar does everything it can to help save money by getting our materials to the show under the 'Early Bird' system. I get calls from their competition, but they are respectful when I explain the relationship and the quality of service I continue to receive."




"I have been working with NorthStar for over 5 years to coordinate shipments to various tradeshows and events around North America. I can't say enough about their attention to detail, responsiveness and delightful customer service. They help to take the anxiety out of logistics, are extremely accountable, and you just know they care."

- Natalie



"Best [darn] shipping experience ever. Period. End of story. And yes, you can print that."

- Matt B.



"Compared to other shipping services, NorthStar stands out from the rest. I have never had an issue with my booth shipments and Tammy has been a rock star with handling all of our shipping needs. Even what could have been a huge mess with left behind items (my fault), Tammy helped coordinate everything to make sure our booth was picked up and taken care of. I love having one account person to help with handling our 14+ conventions a year."




"NorthStar has always been easy to work with and very helpful. I've never had any issues and prefer to work with them whenever I can. They have great reps that will build a relationship with you, not just bug you for sales."

- Krystal H.



"We have been using Northstar for the past ten years. They do an awesome job. I never worry about my freight."

- Sandy S.



"My service experience with NorthStar is exceptional. From their customer service to their delivery methods, I never have to worry about a thing."

- Mike G., Sales Operations Manager


"NorthStar has been our shipping provider for the last three years. Prior to that, we had been with FedEx.  When we switched from using FedEx to NorthStar we saw an immediate improvement in the services and the  savings that NorthStar has brought has been in the tens of thousands of dollars. We are very satisfied and happy to be working with you and look forward to continuing our successful partnership. Thank you."

- Jimnahs M., Manager, Marketing and Sales Support


"Your timeliness and outstanding customer service really cements the value NorthStar provides us for our shipping needs."

- Andy B., Marketing Specialist


"NorthStar has proven to be a valued asset for many projects. They know the trade show industry and can effectively communicate with our end-user clients, as well as show venues, unions and contractors."

- John S., Tradeshow Exhibit Designer and Manufacturer



"You guys absolutely were the best with getting our shipments to NAFCU. We ESPECIALLY appreciate the extra step with getting our signs to our event venue! Will definitely be using NorthStar again. We have several conferences lined up for the rest of the year that I have yet to schedule our exhibitor services for. You're already on my contact list! "

- Emerald


"After 12 years, I am transitioning out of the Sales Group and have moved to another area of the company. It has been so fantastic working with your company! I know your motto 'Whatever It Takes', is what everyone I have ever worked with at NorthStar Express follows daily. Thank you ever so much Donna for all your help over the years. You have reached out to me, year in and year out – handled all the confusing display moves, paperwork, and took so much responsibility off my shoulders."

- Laura