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Corporate Exhibitors
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Corporate_Exhibitors Corporate Exhibitors

Corporate Exhibitors face many obstacles when planning their tradeshows.  Shipping to & from the events is often overlooked in the process.  We have developed an easy to follow routine for the novice marketing coordinator (we know you! Thrown into the role with zero training and 20 shows to manage) and the veteran manager too.

In addition to developing the shipping routine NorthStar will help you set up your shipment schedule in advance.
We’ll assist in coordinating shipments with your exhibit house, off site storage unit, or home office.

We are here to help make your event shipping easier.

Corporate_Exhibitors Associations

Associations work with NorthStar for four reasons.  
We solve the shipping dilemma for the annual meeting as well as your educational and training seminars.  
Some organizations exhibit at other industry events recruiting exhibitors to their annual.  Finally, NorthStar partners with the Association at the Annual to assist the exhibitors get to & from the event in a safe and economical way.  
A poll suggested over 35% of exhibitors are challenged getting their material to your annual event.  We help solve this challenge whether your annual is in the U.S., Canada, or Overseas.



We realize your core competencies are in creating stimulating experiences for your clients' audiences, not shipping the material to your road shows, outdoor events or mall activations.  You can rely on NorthStar Express to pick up your material at 8 pm on a Sunday or get your road show material moved into the Mall at 2 am so the activation starts on time with a flourish.  Spending a bit of time planning the schedule before the event season is always recommended.

Corporate_Exhibitors Government Contractors

NorthStar has worked with dozens of agencies and government contractors assisting in planning and shipping to your events nationwide.  Your role as a contractor is typically to bring awareness to the public at events.  By relying on NorthStar, your materials will be on site when you need them and returned in a timely fashion.

Non-Traditional Shippers

Most of our work is done shipping larger materials in a time sensitive fashion.  When there is a shipping challenge that requires planning on pick up and delivery, companies rely on NorthStar.  Tech companies rely on NorthStar to move their larger shipments when a time definite appointment is required whether it is completed domestically or internationally.  A high level of communication is the key to a successful engagement.  Exhibit designers rely on NorthStar to move their clients exhibits in a timely manner.