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"Best [darn] shipping experience ever. Period. End of story. And yes, you can print that.- Matt B.


Not only do we specialize in tradeshow shipping, it's all we do*. Being specialists in tradeshow shipping for the last 22 years has allowed us to refine our service. We have created an easy to follow process (kind of boring, but effective) that will help make your complicated tradeshow shipping experience easier.

*Ok, we also ship larger time sensitive shipments for the tech industry, road shows for the marketing industry, and other shipments that require a bit more attention and hand holding.

Why settle for less? Whether you are a veteran shipper or tradeshow shipping rookie, we will make your experiences easier.  If you are looking for a different shipping experience, go with NorthStar.

A Special Welcome from NorthStar!




Here are some of the problems we solve. Any of this sound familiar?
  • You got thrown into the tradeshow role with no training
  • You deal with a different shipping contact for each event
  • You receive indifferent customer service
  • Moving out of an event is always a hassle
  • You are overwhelmed managing your event schedule
  • Managing the different contacts at your warehouse and your exhibit designer
  • The international shipping is for the birds

Find out how we can solve your problems here.

There is no alternative to excellent service. At NorthStar we pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding your expectations. When friendly service and quality matters, let us put a smile on your face. Check out our many testimonials or give us a call today.

How NorthStar Makes It Easier For You

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