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Download the Guide for Canadian Companies Shipping for the First Time with NorthStar

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How We Get You Ready For Your Tradeshows

International shipping can be one of the most confusing elements of tradeshow planning, and can be a hassle for even the most seasoned events planners. If this is your first time in the tradeshow role you can add an additional layer of complexity.

That's where we come in. NorthStar’s consultative approach is designed to help you make informed decisions and take the guesswork and anxiety out of international tradeshow shipping. We’ll even take the time to train you in order placement & customs documentation so that you can become self-sufficient and manage many aspects of the shipping process yourself.

In this guide learn how NorthStar can help you:

  • Plan and coordinate your international shipments

  • Determine the best display storage locations

  • Navigate customs with ease

  • Ship your exhibits from event to event to minimize cost and delays

  • Maximize efficiency and minimize border crossings to lower your overall shipping costs

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